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Al Gordon 
Because of Your Love

Ben Cantelon

Bethany Dillon Hallelujah

Bethel Live
You Are Good

Casting Crowns
What This World Needs

Chris Tomlin
God of This City
How Can I Keep From Singing
How Great is Our God
I Will Follow
King of Glory
Let God Arise
Made to Worship
My Deliverer
Not to Us
Our God (by Jeremy)
Our God (by Matt)
Sing Sing Sing
Unfailing Love
Your Grace is Enough

Christ for the Nations Institute
Be Blessed
Because of You
Love Song
You Are Holy Lord

Christian City Church
But God
Our God Reigns
Show Me How to Live (live)
Show Me How to Live (wah tap)
What Would I've Become

Break the Silence
I Bow
MYP Public
Matt Redman

Mia Fieldes
All Deserving
Christ Divine

Michael W Smith
A New Hallelujah
Prepare ye the Way
Prince of Peace

New Horizon Church
Majesty (Here I Am)

New Life Worship
Everlasting God
Glorious God
Here In Your Presence
Here In Your Presence Revisited
Live to Worship
My Saviour Lives
Solid Rock
We Will Sing
Your Name

Parachute Band
All the Earth
Surrender All
Take Over
The Way

Paradise Band
Set Me Free
Longing for You

Paul Baloche
A Greater Song
All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises
All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises Instrumental
Because of Your Love
Because of Your Love 2
Hosanna (variation with lots of delay)
I Will Boast
Our God Saves
Today is the Day
We Will Hold On
You Have Saved Us

Relient K
The 12 Days of Christmas

Reuben Morgan
Let Creation Sing


Lord I Lift Your Name on High
Open the Eyes of my Heart

Meant to Live

Ten Shirt Shekel
Meet with Me

This Beautiful Republic
Last Second Chance
Learning to Fall
Say Goodnight
Stay with You Tonight

Tim Hughes
Beautiful One (intro with finger stretches)
Happy Day

Toby Mac
Hey Devil

I Stand For You
Nothing But the Blood

You are My Creator

Youth Alive
Can't Live a Day (tabs)
Can't Live a Day (chords)
Take Over

Always Yours (Jamie Rodwell)
Amazing Grace (Harmonics)
Angels Sing (Press Play)
Endless Light (Cornerstone)
Even Our Faith (Morning Star)


schectersolo said...

Can you please do a lead tab for David Crowder's 'We won't be quiet!' Thanks for all your help.

Charlie Flack said...

Guys, you have been helping ministries all over the world. It is an awesome thing what you guys are doing. We have been trying work out the song Not To Us & Holy Is The Lord from the Passion- Sacred Revolution album. He uses the capo a lot, but I am not sure what he he is doing for the songs. Help please.

samuel said...

Hey... Umm... it would be really nice if you guyz could tab out some songs by skillet... Thanks... Big Fan... Big fan =)

josh25-1 said...

can remove it please sanctus real electric guitar but wathever your doing or other songs ps les agradeceria muxo

melvin said...

hi im melvin from south africa im doing the song from the album the power of the cross by ricardo sanchez its the title track would really appreciate if you guys could tab the solo in the song. this blog is da bomb keep it up

Schmidt Family said...

Could you tab out and chord I Exalt Thee by Jesus Culture? The chords are incomplete online...

Thanks for your ministry guys!

Anonymous said...

could u pls do the songs of Lorena Castellanos & Soulfire

Jay said...

i would really appreciate some Tenth Ave North songs

ivan said...

hello, thanks for all the songs. I hope can help me with the song: Manda Lluvia, of Marco Barrientos, in the CD Avivanos. thank you very much beforehand. God blesses you

jBosh said...

hey, great tabs. Have you ever listened to the band article one. I was wondering if you could do a tab for the song "Without You"

JoshBernard said...

You should make a video and tab for Misty edwards "Fling Wide" and "I will Run"

GuitarsForGod said...

Hey can someone do the song Hands of the Healer by Fee?

Jonathan said...

At Soul Survivor 2009 they played a song by Phil Wickham called "You're Beautiful". Please could you do that song for me...

The one on the Soul Survivor 2009 album has more guitar in it than the original version.

Album here:

edwin said...

hey can u plz do the kutless take me in

Macky said...

hey can we do some more leeland songs they're awesome u guys r awesome 2 thnx :)

ethan said...

hey could you do he tabs for we wanna see jesus high tabs? by hillsong kids really need it and im having a HARD HARD time figuring out the solos

SeXy_G said...

hey kenny can u post som video of band called worth dying for? i love their songs n i thought it will be great if u post video of their songz thx...

Joe said...

One of my favorite albums is the Hymns album that Passion did quite a few years back. I haven't been able to find the electric guitar parts anywhere. Can you help? Christ the Solid Rock is one I would really love.

Jonathan said...

"Christ the Solid Rock", isn't that a 'Delirious?' song called Solid 'Rock'?

Hope this helps.

rogerson said...

Could someone please tab out God Is My Salvation by Sevem Mi Lord

Steven said...

Could you TAB out What if his people prayed by Casting Crowns? I found the chords, but I cant get it to sound right.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Could someone please tab Mercy Me- All of creation

stevengomezjr said...

Hey guys, awesome website you have here!!!

I was wondering if you could tab out the song You Never Let Go by Matt Redman.


Anonymous said...

add some jeremy camp please

SiSi said...

do you think you could put more David Crowder Band up? i looove their songs, and would love to learn them on electric. thank you so much! love your site :D

Steven said...

Could someone do the lead part for David Crowder's, O Praise Him? That would be awesome

Mike said...

Can you do Cannons by Phil Whikham?

joaqzz said...

please post more for citipointe.. thanks..

Allisha said...

Can some please do electric guitar for "Let it out" by Worth Dying For.

i've got the intro tabs down, and the chords but need help figuring out the rest!

Anonymous said...

Can you port ALL THAT I AM by CITIPOINTE?tnx and God Bless

guitarpraise said...

Would you be able to tab out Michael W. Smiths "The River is Rising"? There are two guitar parts with one using a slide. Very cool song...I just haven't been able to get it quite right.

DatGnat said...

I haven't seen anything from Eddie James on here, it'd be awesome if you could help me figure out some of the lead in "Lord, You're Holy" and "I Am"

B.L. said...

Dude! Amazing! It appears you guys get slammed with requests, but could you look into "All the doors" by Mary Alessi? Thanks a bunch!

Bradley said...

Doing some tunes by Worth Dying For would be great, especially Higher and At Your Cross.

josephstanley said...

Hey There!

Can you do a tutorial for "Freedom" by C3, i find that there's not many C3 guitar tutorials here :(

Thanks alot!

manny said...

Hey I really like your work and thank you for the tabs. I feel like you should really listen to WORTH DYING FOR esp. The Love Riot album it's really a blessing and I think it would be even more of a blessing if you did some of there songs. Well thank you for reading this and God bless :D

isaiah said...

Can you cover Martha Munizzi songs like, Till the walls fall, change the world, no limits, glorious... thx a lot Godbless

Manfred Lee said...

Hi Kenny, will you be able to tab the solo of 'You are my God' by Paradise Band please? Looked all around the internet but i can't find it at all. Thank you so much!

Medik98 said...

Looking for something on Great I am by New Life Worship. Anybody?

Jimmy said...

if you could post more stuff on jesus culture that would be great! i love this site, helps a lot! keep it going!

Leugim99 said...

I hope there are Seventh day Slumber tabs for people who really like their music like me >:)

Leugim99 said...

Love Came Down by Seventh Day Slumber can Someone tab this for me I will be very grateful God Bless Guys :)

Jhnny77Prz said...

"Give You Glory" by Jeremy Camp would be greatly appreciated. :D

Mike Co said...

Any chance somebody can do videos for Gateway Worship songs like:


Sgt Bill said...

Hi guitarpraise.blogspot.com!
My name is Peter, and I from Hungary. Hungarians are rewrite the Hillsong song, and sometimes the guitarsolos are changes too. And if I record that, how can I send to you? (If you want to I send you.)
Thank you, and sorry for my English!

Kent Eric Narra said...

Hi Guitarpraise can you do God is with me by citipointe thanks. God bless

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Guitarpraise, Please can you do a tablature for God Most High by Worship Central. Thanks a lot all the guitar tabs or Hillsong really help :)

IAMbill said...

Can you do some elevation worship open up our eyes from the nothing is wasted album maybe? Thanks I love your blog--use it all the time.