Burning Ones

Here's Burning Ones by Jesus Culture.

Use 8th note delay (not dotted 8th note delay!) as well.


I played the last few notes of the riff wrongly in the video.. follow the tabs instead.

Download the video


neil said...

can u do more Jesus culture songs pls (your love never fails album and we cry out album) it would be great if you.... thanks anyway

M. Brandon Lee said...

You wouldn't happen to have the chords to this song would you?

Ramiro said...

Pre:Bm, A G last X Bm,A,Bm
Bridge:same as chorus

Sam said...

Hey Ramiro, I'm pretty sure most of the D's are D/F#. Just my preference.

Niall said...

It's not quite right, he doesn't slide down from the 12th to the 10th. Also, your timing's a little off. And first time through, he doesn't go up to the 11th from the 9th.

Just a few minor errors, but otherwise good!

david said...

Can you do more jesus culture songs!!! =]

Robert said...

Now that they are more widely known it be awesome to clean up on what i think are there elect parts. Do you have any idea how Chris strums "Burning ones"? Does he got like a delay on?

There new CD rocks !!

shevy said...

Actually Robert the Delay was a mistake if you watch the Live video you can see the Guitarist trying to fix up the effect :)