Christianity & Worship
An Attitude of Excellence
Be the Music
Called to God's Standards (a reflection on the Guglielmucci's issue)
Christmas & Worship
Electric Guitars in Worship
Encountering God
Focus on the Worship, Not the Music
In the Stillness
May I Never Boast Except in the Cross
Reward Hard Work!
Satan, the Fallen Worship Leader
Secular Music
Secular Music - Should a Christian listen to it?
Sing to Him a New Song, Play Skillfully
Success & Talents are from God
Testifying Through Music
The Parable of the Talents
Worship in Revelation

Other Articles
Making Recordings at Home
Promotional Video
Recording Yourself for Practice
Working in a Band

Basic Vocal Harmony (with Meet with Me by Petra)
Using Effects Pedals when Recording Vocals


Anonymous said...

is there a copyright for these articles? coz i wanna print some of them... :D

kev☺ said...

hey! hahah! finally... i made it here in blogger! hahah! so... cool page.. i really want to make this stuff too... you know record and stuff! with our band.. and help people! so.. goodluck!

zeejan said...

Yeah, can I use these article to be posted as featured articles on my website, of course, with a link back to this site? Thanks...

kenny said...

Sure, help yourself :)

zeejan said...

Really?! We'll that's great! Thanks! I'm gonna notify you guys the time i posted these articles on my website. For now, my site is still under development. But for now, I'm gonna read these articles from cover to cover!
Thanks for your permission! You've been a great blessing!
God bless you more!

Music Ministry Team! said...

Hi Kenny,

My Name is Aaron Snyder and I am designing a website like yours. I am in need of help thoe I do not know how you have designed and made your site and I was wondering if you can help me? I have my own I have seen what an influence you are to ppl and I want to help ppl I know to become better musically.

Aaron Snyder

GuitarsForGod said...

Hi Kenny,
My name is Mark and i'm from Trinidad and Tobago, WI. I've been using this site for a little while now and it has been a tremendous help to me, I am a lead guitarist at my church.Question on a personal level: have you ever felt to step down as a guitarist in your church. I know that its not supposed to be about the music but the focus to God, but at times do feel not worth anything on the worship team? Looking forward to your reply... Thanks...

kenny said...

Hi Mark!
Glad you find the site useful.

Well I've only had the urge once, when I was unhappy with someone, but I'm over that. :D

GuitarsForGod said...

Ok thats cool. Do you have any tips for playing lead? Well my church is a contemporary base church but when my pastor goes to lead sing he sometimes prefers olders hyms. What do u recommend as a lead player yourself on how to approach playing on a sunday or pray nights?