Using Effect Units when Recording Vocals

By James

If you’re new to recording and are building a home studio and you bought a cheap mixing console that doesn’t have any built in effects, I’m sure this will be very useful to you. First, you need an effect unit; in my case, a BOSS DSD-3 delay pedal and I’m gonna use it for recording my vocals. So I hook it up like this:

From the mixing console, I use the auxiliary sends (a separate output) to send output signals into the effects unit then send it back in a line input. So everything that you send into the line inputs will be sent through the aux send back into line creating a loop. Be sure to use adequate volume to prevent a feedback.

Check out the sound clip to see how it works. The recording with the delay comes in first then the recording without the delay.

Note: In the soundclip, I've set the delay to sound like reverb.


Anonymous said...

That ain't yo' voice is it?!

Ira James said...

nope. haha n_n

Ira James said...

"Note: In the video, I set the delay to sound like reverb."

Hey Kenny,

umm i made a mistake here.. sorry! n_n its supposed to be "in the sound clip" not "in the video". Would you mind editing it?

Thanks a lot and God Bless!!