Notes from my Intermediate Guitar Workshop


At the Cross
From the Inside Out (ending)
Hosanna (solo, preview version)
I Believe in Jesus
I Give You My Heart
None But Jesus (preview version)
Oceans Will Part
One Way
Salvation is Here (God He Reigns DVD)
Shout Unto God
Take All of Me
Take it All
The Stand
Through it All
What the World Will Never Take
Yours is the Kingdom

Chris TomlinHoly is the Lord (with Bethany Dillon)
We Fall Down (Chris Tomlin, etc..)
Your Grace is Enough


Amazed (Lincoln Brewster)
Beautiful Saviour (Planetshakers)
Dream Maker (Christian City Church)
Flood (Jars of Clay)
Love is Not a Fight (Warren Barfield)
Majesty (Delirious)
Overcome (Desperation Band)
Refiner's Fire (Brian Doerkson)
Revelation (Philips, Craig, and Dean)
Safe (Phil Wickham)
Take You Back (Jeremy Camp)
Tis' so Sweet (Dave Matthews Band)
We All Bow Down (Lenny Leblanc)
What Child is This
You Are Good (Lakewood)

Theory & Techniques'C' Barre Chords (with Emmanuel)
Palm Mutes (with What the World Will Never Take)
Playing with Feel (with The Stand)

Shape Up!
G Major Chords (1)
G Major Chords (2)
C Major Chords (1)


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