From the Inside Out (Acoustic Ending)

Here's Philo's first post, a rather creative one that uses the acoustic, rather than the electric, to play the ending of From the Inside Out.


By Philo

Capo 5 (use C fingering and slide it up and down, use the little finger and the index to do the 3-1-0 and 5-3-0).

|---0-|-------0-----|------------0-----| (Repeat about
|-----|---------2---|--------------4s2-| 8 times)
C fingering C fingering

The ending goes like this...
(i use whammy to do the ~~~ and with a lil help of a delay)

Thats all... Have fun and God Bless :)


Anonymous said...

the video is no longer available.. ;(

Anonymous said...

amazing! do u learn these by ear?

Anonymous said...

This is actually played on the lead electric guitar.
The lead for this song is supposed to be on Capo 5, playing the higher chords
while the backup guitarist is no capo, and plays the lower chords.
Capo 5 is MGC's part.

Russ said...

Nice thanks! I'm a huge fan of online lessons. I am a singer/songwriter trying to do a few on my site and my guitar playing has gotten better and better since watching vids like yours. (My site is in case you want to check out my playing) Anyway thanks for taking the time to post it. I'll be bookmarking your site for future reference!


Russ Francis