Lincoln Brewster Archive

Joy to the World
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Real Life

Today is the Day
The Power of Your Name
Today is the Day (instrumental)
Today is the Day (verse, chorus)

Let the Praises Ring
Everlasting God
Everlasting God solo variation

All to You.. Live
All to You
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Let the Praises Ring
Love the Lord
Majestic (intro)
You Are Good


Scott said...

idk if youve already gotten a request about this but do you think you could figure out lincoln's version of Salvation is Here....that would be awesome...i play it now but id really love to play it right

Gibson said...

please complete your lincoln brewster collection....i like almost all of his song :)

Anonymous said...

Could you tab the solo for "Another Hallelujah" ? That would be really helpful!

OLIVIAAA(: said...

hi, can you post up the tabs for surrender by ccc oxford falls? thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hey, love all that you have done and are doing! Is there any way that you could do Salvation is Here, but Lincoln Brewster's version? Thanks

josh said...

could someone do more lincoln brewster another hallelujah and all to you....

ImpactBlue said...

Bro...where's let your glory shine??????

Alfred said...

Could you please tab "You Are The One". Would really appreciate it if you can. Thank you for sharing your talent. God bless!!!

Zack said...

Hey you should tab out "God You Reign" that'd be so great!

jerry said...

please create the song "king of majesty"

Anonymous said...

Could you please make a tab of "here i am to worship"?

D said...

Lincoln Brewster has two educational DVDs out in which he shows how he plays a lot of his songs including Let Your Glory Shine and Another Hallelujah. He also talks about his techniques and even explains the rationale behind some of his solos and arrangements.

Drew said...

I just tabbed out by ear the entire song called "Real Life" by Lincoln Brewster. For those of you (me including) that are still trying to get better at lead, this song is probably his easiest song to play by him. I will send it out when I have transferred the tab onto the computer.


Abner said...

hi.. i want the tab of Best Days by Lincoln Brewster..harmonic parts made me sick thanks!

Ash said...

Could you pretty please post up Lincoln's song ''Whom Shall I fear?" ft. Kari Jobe? Thanks!!!

trixter said...

please tab "So Good" by lincoln brewster..


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