Here's the instrumental portion of Lincoln Brewster's Surrender.. one the challenging solos in his album, 'All To You'. This was quite tough for me, because I'm used to playing fat sounding solos, and Lincoln Brewster's agile single-coil-strat style is totally different from this. Nonetheless, here's my attempt at it, definitely far from perfect, but the notes are generally there:

I had to break the instrumental into parts.. maybe with more practice I'll be able to do the whole instrumental without mistakes!







John said...

What were the amp and effects settings on your POD for this song, Surrender by Lincoln Brewter?

kenny said...

I used my line 6 Agro patch (its under customtone, but i'll send the whole bundle up to the site soon), with the drive set at 0%.

There is a Brewster patch on custom tone which uses the tube drive + Class A30 which is more appropriate on custom tone (not by me), you can check that out too..

Manuel said...

If you reduce your distortion drive or your guitar volume output I think you can come closer to the clean sound and indeed use of the AC-30 based setting.
I have an Ibanez SZ520 and frequently the smae problem as you.
Maybe worth trying...

kenny said...

Yep i used an amp that packed too much distortion.. actually there's this pretty nice patch on customtone i found while searching for 'lincoln brewster' that uses the AC30 amp + tubescreamer and quite a bit of compressor.. its quite nice.

Anonymous said...

i think this would help, for a cleaner sound, make your vibrato relaxed and avoid too much movement..this will prevent tension and sloppy will also make your movement faster when you switch notes..(juz a friendly suggestion)

Anonymous said...

the last 9 on the A string, the tab is wrong, it should be a 10

Brad said...

Great video, gave me lots of help. thanks for taking the time to post this. doing this song for the first time this weekend. working on the tones, love the Line6 too.

WWPAULJD said...

Hey Whoever posted this blog.... Please I need the intro tab also and I would greatly appreciate it if you could email it to me if you have email is

Ryan said...

Hey if you guys want Lincoln's actual tones then hes made them available to download for X3 and XT's from his website under the gear section. I've been using modified Lincoln tones in my church for a while and they sound awesome.