Theory & Techniques Archive

Introductory Theory Series
Music Theory 1 - Notes
Music Theory 2 - Keys (1)
Music Theory 3 - Keys (2)
Music Theory 4 - From Keys to Chords
Music Theory 5 - Chord Families

Other Theory
Reading Music Notation
Fretboard Familarisation Exercise

Chords on Three Strings Series
On the 1st Three Strings (1)
On the 1st Three Strings (2)
On the 1st Three Strings (3) (with Always & Forever)
On the 2-4th Strings (with Emmanuel)
On the 1st Three Strings (4) (with Hosanna)

Other Chords
Barre-ish Chords (with Sovereign Hands)
Barre-ish Chords (with I Walk By Faith)
New Power Chords
Playing in Thirds (with Hosanna)
Two-note chords

Chord Inversions
Part 1 - Root chords
Part 2 - 1st Inversions
Part 3 - 2nd Inversions
Which inversion should I use?

Introduction to Improvisation
Improvisation 1 - Pentatonic Scales (Major)
Improvisation 1.1 - Pentatonic Scales (with None but Jesus)
Improvisation 1.2 - Various pentatonic scale positions
Improvisation 2 - Major Scales
Improvisation 2.1 - Major Scales Again
Improvisation 3 - Improvising with Chord Shapes (with Till I See You)
Improvisation 3.1 - Think chords, not just melodies (with Yahweh)
Improvisation 4 - Transplanting Riffs (with Evermore, Solution, The Time Has Come)
Improvisation 4.1 - Improvising using riffs you already know
Improvisation 5 - Start with Short, Simple Stuff (with Devotion)
Improvisation 5.1 - Quick tips on improvising - articulation, passing notes, fills.

Introduction to Techniques
Alternate Picking (with Mighty to Save)
Bending with Two Notes (with What the World Will Never Take)
Bends: Two Note Bends on the Same Note
Sweeps (Major) (with What the World Will Never Take)
Palm Muting (with Glorious)
Palm Mutes (demonstrations)
Playing with articulation

Better good rhythm than bad lead
Figuring Out Guitar Parts (with Indescribable)
Filling up the Gaps with Slides, Scratches, & the Whammy Bar (with Shepherd)
Playing for Background Music
Practising with a Metronome
Strumming Exercise (with Always & Forever Remix)
Volume Swells (with Tear Down the Walls intro)

Delay Effects Overview
Delay Effects - Dotted 8th Note Delay
Delay Effects - Dotted 8th Note Delay - Percussive Effects
Delay Effects - Analog Delay with Modulation
Delay Effects - Galloping Delay Ideas
Delay Effects - A Faster Galloping Delay
List of Delay Timings and Song Tempos
Delay conversion table

Guitar Effects 101: Overview
Guitar Effects 101: Drive Pedals, Modulation Pedals (1)
An Introduction to Guitar Pedals

Modulation Effects: Flanger
Modulation Effects: Tremolo
Modulation Effects: Phaser (with Till I See You)

A Stompbox Sampler
A Stompbox Sampler 2
Humbuckers vs Single Coil Pickups
Loop Pedal: Practicing & Recording


Benjamin said...

Hi Kenny,

The link to Chords - On the 1st Three Strings (1) is being directed to Improvisation 2 - Major Scales.

Anonymous said...

hey man great job,
i love u for this

Anonymous said...

hey do u happen to know any tricks to volume control when playing in a band, people keep telling me i was way too quiet or way to loud for some parts

Anonymous said...

HI Bro! I do relly enjoy your style of playing and sharing the gift that God given u. Just continue posting what ever u can figure out. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

hey could u put stuff about minor scales, keys, etc...?

Harry said...

Hey Kenny, I am very blessed by your site. I can practice a lot of song. Thanks....

Btw, I want to ask something.I am quite a amateur in electric guitar. How man effect out there and how much is it? Is it a amplifier or something like device that installed in the guitar?

Thank You So Much and GOD Bless U!!!!

David said...

hi kenny. this site's been helping me a lot. i was wondering if you could just have a post on power chords in the upper register. i know you introduced it here: but i was wonderin if you could do them for just one key. i know G is xx578x and D is xx577x but can you post what you play for C and Em and possibly Am too? if you do that that would be really cool. i could transpose to other keys with just that

Anonymous said...

Hello podrian to rise preset for the multieffect digitech gnx3000, of hillsong united, my name is emanuel thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Can you post on power chords? I'm planning on joining my praise band, but i need to learn power chords fast!

kenny said...

Play 'E' using the first 3 strings, or 'A' using the 2nd-4th strings. Then shift up accordingly to transpose, see here for transposing:

mitchell said...

Hi I need help. I own a fender strat and I feel i need another guitar with a bit more bite .. something with a humbucker. I checked out the Ibanez range but felt that it was too much for church music. Any suggestions to where I should look?


j4m3z said...

Music Request bro, Cry Holy by Sonicflood. Be Blest!

ron brock said...

just stumbled across your sight trying to find intro tabs for king by tree 63 awsome job they were perfect kudos to whoever came up with them. really have enjoyed the site maybe you could add a post for effects types used for certain sounds.

MJ said...

I learned so much from your site, thanks and God bless you and your ministry


Matt said...

Love your work guys... I use a digitech RP 80 pedal for my effects and i have been trying to perfect that hillsong kind of distortion but i just can't quite find the sweet spot... does anyone use an RP 80 who can share some patches with me?

iamme7 said...

hey, do you have a tutorial for playing harmonics?

jHay said...

hai hai.,,,., could any one please.,., send me some patches of hillsongs rythm guitar.,.,., for zoomg1 ,.,please.. im having hard time to have a good rythm for hillsong songs.,., for praise and worships rythms.,.,. the that is distorted thanks and ohw.,., some planet shakers too,.,.,and building 429,.., thankz a lot,.,., GOd bless.,.,.,

Dhairya said...

you guys have done an awesome job with the list of songs and resources. I've just started to come to love P & W as a newbeliever and this is just fantastic. Absolutely awesome

AdoraciĆ³n Musical said...

Hello Kenny,

This is Seul Alvarez, and I'm working in a similar blog ( , but in spanish. Even, actually I'm pianist, and I can help the people in piano subjects, but I know a few about guitar. The thing is that there is a lot of guys that want to know to play guitar but they don't understand english. So, can I translate these lessons and post in our blog? Obviously we are going to give you the credits.

By the way, if you need help from our side, please let me know, and I'll help with our resources.

Thanks, best regards!

God bless you,

Seul Alvarez

Ale Hoed said...

Hi Kenny,
What a great knowledge you have right there! I wonder if you can post more lessons about power-chords? It would be very helpful for me. Keep up the good work!

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