Guitar Effects 101: Overview

Kenny: Many questions have been posted about guitar effects, many of them repeats, so I hope this series on guitar effects by Gerald will be helpful.

By Gerald

Hello! To start off this series on effects, I shall do an overview on guitar effects. Guitar effects, as we all know, are electronic devices that modify the tone, pitch or sound of the signal that is sent from a guitar (it can be an electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar) into the effect and out.

Effects can be housed in:

Effects pedals:

Guitar amplifier simulation software (no pic)

Rackmount preamplifiers/processors:

Onboard effects on a guitar amplifier:

There are many different types of effects that can be housed in these various forms. Below is a list of the types of effects available to guitarists, most are linked to a soundclip- arranged in categories.

: Distortion : Overdrive : Fuzz :

: Chorus : Flanger : Phaser : Envelope Filte : Wah : Tremolo : Talk Box :

: Delay : Reverb : Echo :

: Pitch Shifter : Octave Shifter :

: Compressor : Noise Gate : Equaliser

Here are some reads on the history of guitar effects

: The History of EFX 1: The History of EFX 2 :
: The History of EFX 3 : The History of EFX 4 :

Next in the Guitar Effects 101 series: Drive Effects & part 1 of Modulation Effects. Till next time!


Anonymous said...

Hey, these links don't work for some reason... Can you fix it please?

edwinsagun said...

links don't work lol,,, error! lol

schectersolo said...

Yeah the links don't work. Do you have any patches that work with the Line 6 Pod X3 Live? Thanks for all you do. You guys are a great blessing.

philip said...

i belif if u wan to explain the effect u gotta do a more specific one. this is just like give a pic n say a for apple n b for banana. no offence but seriously ur shud tok bout like the ideal setting of the tone n colour of the units.

Anonymous said...

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