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We Shine
All Because of Jesus
Arms that Hold the Universe
Beautiful the Blood
Broadcast 2
Happy Day (By Kenny)
Happy Day (By Garrett)
Lift High
Rise and Sing (By Jeremy)
Rise and Sing (By Adam)
We Shine

Hope Rising
Everything Falls
Glory to God
Glory to God Forever
We Crown You
Your Love is Better Than Life


Angela said...

Any chance you could do "Rise and Sing" by Fee? Our praise band is doing it and I'm sure some direction of the parts couldn't hurt. Thanks!! Great blog!!

bdneuman said...

Also, "God is Alive" would be great. Thanks to all you've done!

matematicals said...

Hi, can you do "Send Me Out" from the Hope Rising album? Thanks!

ryan said...

LOVE this site. It's been a huge help! Just FYI, Rise and Sing is under the wrong album. It's on the Hope Rising album, not We Shine.


Greg said...

another great Fee song is "great and greatly to be praised"

coffeecup086 said...

Any chance you guys could do All Creation Sing (Joy to The World)?

330 Jr High said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do the intro (at least) for Send Me Out by Fee. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!

gGrant Lang said...

Hey you should do a lead guitar tutorial for Fee's All Creation Sing (Joy To The World).