Lift High

Here's Lift High by Fee, enjoy!

Use dotted 8th note delay for the intro & verse. I used my neck pickup for the intro, and the middle+bridge pickup for the verse, without changing my effects. The difference is that the latter sounds lighter, and less thick.





Bb Bb Ab Eb/G
Bb Bb Ab Eb
Bb Bb Cm Gm Ab
Eb/G Bb Eb

To end, don't cut the guitar suddenly. Roll back your volume to create a 'fade out' effect.


No Comp Youth said...

I don't like to criticize and complain, but I think it might be a better idea to tab out more Hillsong type songs instead of songs from bands like Fee. Dont get me wrong, Fee is great. And I'm aware of how many Hillsong songs are already tabbed out. But there are still gaps, dont settle for anything less than really, truly discovering all the guitar parts from all the albums that you tab from. I'm just here to encourage. =D Desperation Band, New Life Worship, Gateway Worship, and even artists like Jeff Deyo really have some good songs, many of which are untabbed. I'm sure many would love to see some of these songs tabbed, and I'm sure it would really expand those worship teams fanbase.

bc1891 said...

i think you should keep tabbing fee. theyre great and starting to get bigger. kenny tab what you want. you do an amazing job!
this song is truly beautiful :)

Equipo Cinco said...

Hey Kenny, i have a PodX3Live, and i cannot make my guitar sound like yours LOL!

kenny said...

Hi No Comp Youth,
Suggestions are most welcome! If you have any particular song, you can leave me a note in the guitarpraise forum, under 'requests'.

Equipo: I'll be uploading my patches soon, shld be useful for you. :)

Equipo Cinco said...

hi, kenny, i already have it but i think that i need a new guitar... lol.. thanks to share your patchs...

My name is Raul, Equipo Cinco is my class TEAM, TEAM FIVE

TEffortKale09 said...

keep tabbing stuff like Fee and Kristian Stanfill. These worship leaders are really great and have serious talent if people get outside of their Hillsong box a little bit. Please, don't get me wrong, because our praise band plays tons of United stuff but our congregation absolutely loves Stanfill's Beautiful Jesus and Spring of Life.

Thanks for tabbing these songs!