Starfield Archive

The Saving One
Glory is Rising
Top of Our Lungs

I Will Go
From the Corners of the Earth
Great in all the Earth
Holy is Our God
I Will Go
Reign in Us

Beauty in the Broken

Everything is Beautiful
Filled with Your Glory
Love is the Reversal
Son of God
The Hand that Holds the World


vezza94 said...

could u guys do revolution by starfield, Thanks, God Bless!

Jorge L. said...


Anonymous said...

can you please do unashamed =]
and thank you, God Bless

your very talented

JJ Dub said...

how about alive in this moment??
it's an awesome songg and i'd really like to try to play it!!! =) thanks man, and btw, you're awesome at the guitar!! =)

Rayo "The Greatest of All Time" said...

3 for Revolution!!!

Martin said...

Could you please do Rediscover You?

Lazazizie said...

how can you not have

Nova Geração said...


First of all, thanks for your work, its really a great blessing and help for all musicians!

Now I wanted to ask, if you could get the eletric guitar of this song please! I REALLY LOVE IT!!!

Starfield - Alive in this moment

Thanks for all
God Bless

MikeyKim said...

Hi i was wondering if you could post the tabs for the song Alive in This Moment by Starfield.

There is a Coffee House at my church soon and this was one of the songs chosen and there are no tabs for them on the internet.

It would be nice you you can email the tabs to me at Thank you!

SeXy_G said...

hi kenny can you please do video on my generation?

Anonymous said...

Can you please do ALL WE NEED please please please with a cherry on top :D

ragild said...

revolution pls.. ^^

Ash said...

I'm begging you to do Overwhelm off of their album The Saving One!!! Its the most amazing song ever!!! :D

Victor Coimbra said...

Loveliest song, please!!!!

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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