Love is the Reversal

Been wanting to put up this song for quite awhile, but somehow it slipped my mind.. really like this song, enjoy! One thing about this song is that I used the same patch throughout, and adjusted the level of distortion by i) plucking with my fingers instead of strumming, or ii) using my neck pickup instead of the bridge.


Intro & Verse

Came up with this on my own as I couldn't really hear the guitar part clearly.

Strum (made it up, based on the verse)


Joene said...

Hey man, what band is this?

Also, a question for all songs:P
It never says what key the song is in... I usually think its really helpfull;)

DDDX07 said...


Mikey said...

Are you gonna follow up with the guitar solo section? That would be great!

aaron said...

sounds great. great job on uploading the video. really appreciate it. = )