Acoustic Archive

Notes from my Intermediate Guitar Workshop


At the Cross
From the Inside Out (ending)
Hosanna (solo, preview version)
I Believe in Jesus
I Give You My Heart
None But Jesus (preview version)
Oceans Will Part
One Way
Salvation is Here (God He Reigns DVD)
Shout Unto God
Take All of Me
Take it All
The Stand
Through it All
What the World Will Never Take
Yours is the Kingdom

Chris TomlinHoly is the Lord (with Bethany Dillon)
We Fall Down (Chris Tomlin, etc..)
Your Grace is Enough


Amazed (Lincoln Brewster)
Amazing Grace (Josh Wilson Acoustic version)
Beautiful Saviour (Planetshakers)
Dream Maker (Christian City Church)
Flood (Jars of Clay)
Love is Not a Fight (Warren Barfield)
Majesty (Delirious)
Overcome (Desperation Band)
Refiner's Fire (Brian Doerkson)
Revelation (Philips, Craig, and Dean)
Safe (Phil Wickham)
Take You Back (Jeremy Camp)
Tis' so Sweet (Dave Matthews Band)
We All Bow Down (Lenny Leblanc)
What Child is This
You Are Good (Lakewood)

Theory & Techniques'C' Barre Chords (with Emmanuel)
Palm Mutes (with What the World Will Never Take)
Playing with Feel (with The Stand)

Shape Up!
G Major Chords (1)
G Major Chords (2)
C Major Chords (1)


Anonymous said...

Hey kenny like I asked before can you do a Josh Wilson

Say Something and breakthrough acoutis tabs??? lol I wanted to challenege you. Check him out on you tube. Hes GREAT worship leaddeerrr

kenny said...

Quite nice! Figuring out his stuff would be really time consuming though, so not at the moment...

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks but you should work on the acoustic section also.

I love how your doing all this for nothing in return. God Bless your gifts and how your using them!!!

=.=" said...

more acoustic pleasee!! :D God bless big time for ur work. its a big blessing to many churches

Anonymous said...

Ya! It's a great blessing to many Churches!! God bLess 4 everything,, i learn a lot bro!!but I advice you that you work on the acoustic section because not all Churches can afford all instruments,,many Churches are poor like us...hehe...but not totally,juz little... but hopefully in God's time,,He will supply it,,I know God doesn't 4get His son,,i hope you can post many as in the other section

Anonymous said...

hey kenny i was wondering how i could become a contributor because i know that shawn mcdonaldis a poplar atrtist and i know alot of his tabs so i would like to submit some of my videos, thnks email m at

Smoh said...

hey kenny or anyone else! i was wondering if anyone would be able to tab israel & new breed's "You are not Forgotten" from his "A deeper Level" cd. it's an amazing song lyrics and acoustics. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

God bless you for your work that your putting in and not demanding anything from it! i was looking for just this. may God bless you and use you

Pieces of the puzzle said...

Hey Ken here..really glad to see you teaching Christian music to people..All glory to God..i have an acoustic sogn request its The Freedom We Know...i know you tabbed out the electric guitar version..but could you please make a instructional about the song from the preview acoustic cd? thanks ya..God Bless you

Manny said...

hey, i was wondering if you could do the tabs for point of difference. the introespecially... that would be great. thx

Anonymous said...

hey kenny,

whats ut email? i want to send you a tab i made for a really good song called Jesus Christ by Brand New.Your Request Forum isn't working with my computer.

Tim said...

You are a blessing. I "accidently" stumbled upon this site. If you take donations, I'd give you some money. I'm a youth pastor and work a lot with different students - helping them play different instruments. I play accoustic guitar reasonably well, and know a decent amount of music theory, but that only gets me so far. What you've done is fantastic. I'd love to give you requests, but I think you have a few years of them already. May God bless you.

Warmly IN Christ,

Tim Olson

Anonymous said...

hey kenny, i watch alot of your videos and i think you're a great guitarist. i was just wondering if u could put up a video for hillsong - hallelujah the acoustic version, awesome :) god bless and keep on rocking

Anonymous said...

hi there brothers, favor please...may i have the acoustic tab of THANK YOU by katinas and DRAW ME CLOSE by m.w. smith...thanks alot i will open this from time to time....God bless you..

Anonymous said...

hey kenny thankyou so much for this website and not charging or asking for email or that crap.
im 12 and been playing for about a year and am so exited about the things god can and will do with me in the future and how this website ,like so many other, will help me get there

Anonymous said...

hi there brothers, favor please...may i have the acoustic tab of THANK YOU by katinas and DRAW ME CLOSE by m.w. smith...thanks alot i will open this from time to time....God bless you..

Anonymous said...

This is agreat website with accurate tabs bit, i wish this site had more acoustic tabs by david crowder

Anonymous said...

hi there brothers, favor please...may i have the acoustic tab of THANK YOU by katinas and DRAW ME CLOSE by m.w. smith...thanks alot i will open this from time to time....God bless you..

Anonymous said...

hi there brothers, favor please...may i have the acoustic tab of THANK YOU by katinas and DRAW ME CLOSE by m.w. smith...thanks alot i will open this from time to time....God bless you..

sylphunter said...

hi guys i just wanted to request a acoustic tab for the song shout to the lord by lincoln brewster but on the tuning C#-G#-C#-g#-c#-c#
here's a sample of my intro

its kinda hard for the chorus part i cant seem to hear the right notes T_T

Anonymous said...

hey dude can you post a lot more tabs up, also man I saw this on a press release last night on guy name GW what do you make of him ?....
Press- (I was at the GW Williams,Rock & Blues guitar concert last night in Seattle I couldn't believe what GW Williams did, neither could 102,000 other people Rock,Blues,Jazz Guitarist GW Williams Gets 45 minute Standing Ovation IN Seattle Concert

Anonymous said...

eh um wassup kenny and all those out there i know alittle guitar, how to play chords. but i only know how to play power chords like:
but i want to know how to play other ways to play it like
C#m B E
these kinds i ways. if you dont understand can you comment back. but i was just wondering if you could make a video about alternate ways to play atleast the major chords. thanks Bod Bless!

Anonymous said...


The comments posted about GW Williams are part of a viral marketing campaign. This person has a home-made recording on . You can listen to samples and see why it's clear that they had to resort to this sort of thing.
Reference to Eric Clapton, John Mayer or other prominent non-fictional guitarists seem to be drawing him in.
Please feel free to delete this entry along with his.
This seems like a nice place. It's too bad he's decided to invade it.
We've been doing battle with him and his multiple personalities on Topix. There are several indications in his posts and IP addresses that point to him being incarcerated quite possibly at Folsom prison near Sacramento.

Again, I apologize for barging in. Please feel free to block me and this other person as well

Anonymous said...

Hey, have you figured out the tabs for the song 'deeply in love'? I've been trying to work it out but still not perfect yet:s

Anonymous said...

Hey, could someone please tell me the chords (Acoustic) to the song "King of All" in the planetshakers album "All for Love"

Thanks guys and God Bless

Anonymous said...

ken can i get ur e-mail? can mail me at God Bless u!! ☺☻

FReak 4 christ said...

hey guys can u guys do Open Skies by David Crowder Band? I figured out that all the strings are tuned down a half step. and that it goes something like this

Zach said...

hey man. what would be sweet is some the almost tabs, like dirty and left out and amazing because it is. thanks man god bless

Lee said...

i was wondering if someone could do a lesson on picking. Like just picking that would be done like between songs or during prayer.

mUzika said...

hey Kenny!! how you doi'n??
can you plzzz tab out Mighty Is The Power Of The Cross by Chris Tomlin??
by the way man thnx for all Of this it really help a lot!!! continue serving GOD!! ciao!

albert said...

hey just wondering. do you own ur our server? or your our domain?

joey said...

Hey, i was wondering if you could do a video on how to play "your name high" by hillsong on their new album this is our god.

Joey said...

Hey this isn't really song specific but Im noticing that a majority of the songs i enjoy singing are in Bb and usually during those songs i play acoustic (I am a worship leader at my church here for highschool and jr high youth groups) I am 100% self taught been playing for 8 years and i can't really play anything in the key of Bb i have to capo everytime. Im good with most other keys especially G, A, D, E but when it comes to flats and sharps also the key of B im pretty bad. Im a fast learner but have never really figured out an effeciant way of playing these Chords are there any tips or secrets im missing out on? does anyone know of any resources to help me learn how to play better in these keys without capoing or using barre chords the whole time. any help would be HIGHLY appreciated!

Brett said...

i was wondering if you could do the acoustic part at the begging of evermore.

Lee said...

You guys should tab out come around by jimmy needham. Its an awesome song with an awesome message.

Emmanuel said...

Hey Guys, i was just wondering if you could show the acoustic for Forever by Hillsong United
i'm going off the "With Hearts As One" album. The chords on the internet are different from that version. I'm thinking it's key of E but i could be wrong though haha.
Thanks alot & God Bless

Everybody Dance Now said...

Kenny-- Since the acoustic blog is a little thin, I may be able to pull some people together to fill it out. Would you like some help?

kenny said...

Sure.. sounds good!

Ken said...

Hi. I'm sure you're all busy people, but I've not been able to find good chords/tabs for Hillsong's "Rest In You". I think it's a sweet worship song. If you are able to help in this area, I'd be greatly appreciative. Thanks.

ivan said...

hey kenny, i think you guys should really try to beef up the acoustic section, especially in terms of technique and such. Im sure there are many others out there that are willing to learn. i can contribute what i do know to help, but it would be nice if more was added to that section.

Jong said...

Hey guys, I've been relying on this site for a lot of parts on not only the acoustic as I play the acoustic parts, but also for my brothers and sisters in Christ who play the other parts, but I was wondering if you guys could add The Answer by Shane and Shane for acoustic

Tim said...

Just dropped in to say that when you teach people music the way that you are, you never know how far it will go.

While I'm more of an instrumentalist on the guitar, this reminds me that there's much value in the simple skill of accompanying a voice.

For any interested, I do have one vocal on my CD and that selection is called "the Wonder of It All"

In the mean time, keep up the great work.

jeremy_dude879 said...

hey kenny can you make a cover of divine romance phil wickham

ethan said...

hey sry to burst the bubble but it think that the intro tabs are different from the video yeah

Ronson said...

those are absolutely golden

Steve said...

Hi there.... Can I request for a video for "before the morning" by josh wilson. Thanks...

moco said...

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butoijoh said...

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Gerrardz said...

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Jhnny77Prz said...

"Give You Glory" by Jeremy Camp would be greatly appreciated. :D

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