At the Cross (acoustic)

Here's the acoustic version of At the Cross. Unfortunately I'm not really good at the acoustic, still kinda heavy handed. Hope the tabs help nonetheless.




(vary a bit, imagine you're playing the piano)



Anonymous said...

hello! great guitaring.. i was wondering the intro for the last part.. how is the B bass and bottom two string is pressed on the fret...

Anonymous said...

wow how do u remember all that? I would so be picking the wrong strings etc. all the time O.O

Anonymous said...

hi, My name is marianela and i just wanted to know if you know how to play "Here in my Life" on the acoustic. if yes here's my email:
i rally want to learn it.
thank you and God bless

Atom's said...

Hello I'm french, and i was very enjoy to dicover this site but can you add news songs for acoustics please ?

Thanks God Bless