Some Song Arrangements

Did some interesting things during my church's service last Sunday, thought to share with all of you:

1) The Freedom We Know
We've made the song much faster, and changed the groove for the chorus from a straight one to one similar to the 'Everyday' groove. This gave the song alot more 'ommph', and made it really dance-a-ble. You can listen to my draft of the electric parts of the song here.

By the way, the 'electric guitar' part for the chorus is actually done by a keyboard as I'm the only electric guitarist in my band.

2) Hosanna
Hillsong often releases two versions of their popular songs - one by United, another by Hillsong. Both usually have interesting material that you can use, and I've taken parts from both versions of Hosanna, see if you can spot them.

= = = = = =

Feel free to share any ideas and recordings you've done in your church in the guitarpraise forum, under recordings and compositions too, perhaps I'll put the notable ones on the blog (with your permission, of course). We really should take advantage of this online community and learn from one another!


Anonymous said...

you have the two songs switched with eachother it has it as hosanna as the first one and freedom we know on the second one :P

Anonymous said...

great singer(the female singer). now, the guy with the deep voice, ahhh, he cannot sing. i strongly advise to make one of the male singers to sing one octave higher if any of them can, or lower the volume of one them cuz its not working out like that. and yeah i advise that yall dont put a mic directly to the snare, or lower the vol. yall definitely have the talent up there but not the right ranges at all

Irawan said...

I like your recording quality. We've been trying to record our live performance but sounds really bad. I was wondering how you record yours? Could you post your method of recording? Thank you. Btw, really really nice band you have. The vocal and everything. I love it. Keep praising the Lord!

kenny said...

Thank.. frankly i'm not sure how the sound guys do it..i think they record direct from the mixer or something.. u can chk out more recordings at

Anonymous said...

omg. dude.. u guys ruined the song for me.. theres to many voices.. the back up singers have to be quieter than the lead.. it just sounds like kareoke.. i wanted to hear the music not the voices.. i cant even her the guitar dude.. foreal... make another one and make it better

Anonymous said...

can u tab out the chords at the beginning of freedom we know? right before the drums kick in

r3ck0rd said...

just an advice, Hillsong Kiev made a new version when the line "like the city on the hill...", recorded for Hillsong Kiev (round up with Sydney and London team). Here's the link: or