Theory & Techniques (Bass)

Bass Note Articulation
Finger Training
Free Worship Bass Instrumental
Slapping and Popping

Bass Improvisation
Improvisation (with Everyday)
Improvisation - Folk Style
Improvisation - Swing Style
Improvisation - Boogie Woogie Style
Improvisation - Pentatonic Scale (with Through it All)
Improvisation - Arpeggios


Anonymous said...

nice posts. it really helps those bassists who want to improve their skill=)

stjy said...

hmmm.. do you think you could post up some tips for a beginner bassist?
showing how to play certain notes would be good too.

Fernando said...

Thank You for posting all this up but like stjy said can u post some things for ppl that just started playin cause i wanna learn how to play the bass cause my church is gon make a band and im a be the bass player and i have never even picked up a bass to play so It'll be great if you can post up somethings for ppl who r just learnin
Thank You and great website keep it up =)

Jonathan said...

Anyone that wants to learn bass, starting at the basics, go to :) enjoy!

Concerned said...

For beginner can also check out this site:


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