Pentatonic Scale (with Through it All)

By Bass Levite
This post deals with another common type of free worship style I call "the random running" style. I will use the instrumental and bridge section of the song "Through It All" from Hillsong's "Blessed" album as an example.

The G Major Pentatonic Scale
Most bass free worship intrumentals use the pentatonic scale, so it is important to know it.


The Random Run Free Worship
As the name implies, it is random, and is faster than a walk! There are two important things you need to be aware off when doing this .

- allow the riff to breathe (think of a runner resting in between sprints)
- reach the next chord in time after each "run"
- feel the atmosphere of the worship and play accordingly

The chord progression I'm using in the video is:

| G | Em | C | D | (very common pattern)

I have used the 5 major pentatonic scale in the improvisation bits. Note that in the first two beats of each bar, the riff is relatively light and simple, allowing it to breathe. The last 2 beats of each bar is where the "random run" is done. Also try to synchronise with the drummer in a band.

Because this technique is all about improvisation, I have not included any tabs, leaving the reader to experiment on their own.

You will also notice that as you progress and master this technique, you will pick up a certain "taste". You can feel the different "taste" in the free worship style, for example, by comparing Planershaker's and Hillsongs's. Hence, you will notice that I do a lot of hammer-ons as part of my signature.

"It's time to get out of the root note comfort zone!"


Anonymous said...

Very useful scale. I have used this scale on church and people complament me on the bass.
Thanks and
God Bless

dhyed said...

Wow nice vid! I'm very fascinated on music! thanks for the tutorials!

Anonymous said...

You really gotta work on your timing, bro. You get off rythm in all your vids.

waveofthinking said...

Nice work i use this scale all the time during worship.

Daniel Dude said...

WOW! Thats very impressive!