Hi! My name is Kenny, and I've been working on Guitarpraise since Oct 2006. Through the blog, God has used me and the many contributors to teach and learn from fellow musicians around the world. Here, you can:

Find electric/acoustic/bass lessons, from tabs to theory lessons. Don't forget the song arrangements and scripture sharing sections too.

There's a forum where you can chat about tabs, gear, musicianship, compositions, and everything else under the sun. You can also get to meet other guitarpraise users at the guitarpraise facebook.

Bless (contribute)
If you have a post to contribute, do drop me an email at kennygohweizhi@yahoo.com.sg. If you have a video, do use your own youtube account so that you can respond to comments (here are some pictures you can use at the end of the video). Also, avoid playing together with the entire song as it might infringe copyrights. Don't forget to introduce yourself too! Oh, and do give me a few days to get the post up on the blog. Lastly, this is a pretty useful online program you can use to make tabs (btw, don't let each line get too long, else it won't fit on the blog).


At this point, I must say a BIG thank you to all who have contributed to this blog:
Daryl, Bass Levite, Tadeu, David,  Ronald, Troy, Gerald,  Philo, Giusepe S. Moreno, Jerome, Luigi, Dave, Ben Burnett, Temo Morales, Chris Lang, Eman, James, Kyle, Chris, Vitt, Brittainy, Gabriel, Jason, Han, Alan, Omar, Izaak, Neil, Oliver, Timothy, Jean, Joshua, Timo, John Rock, Kenneth, Stephen, Michael, Garrett, Skippy, GabonMx, Andres, Nick, Mark, RockoD, Jonathan, Joseph, Colin, Daniel, Garrett, Igor, Chris P, Erick, Alexander, Daniel V., DPark, G Mones, A. Rodriguez, Trey, Joel C, Paul N, Akira, sasuke_kun12, Gene, Robert, Robert Figueroa, Jeremy, Cody, Nick, Jeremy, Luke, Jaap, Jackson, Luan, Luke, Chris, Matt, Aaron, JP, Jake, Jacob, Aaron...