Take All of Me (chorus, bridge) (acoustic)

By incorporating the melody into the chords, the acoustic lines can sound a lot more interesting. I do so for Take All of Me's chorus, first with the song, then by plucking, and lastly by strumming. As an 'extra', the bridge part is included as well.

Like the new lighting? Or is the old one clearer?

(melody line in bold)





chico433_9 said...

Hey great stuff as always, but you wrote down a couple wrong notes:

The bold notes should be 2 instead of 1.
God bless you!!

Anonymous said...

can you tab the bridge?

Anonymous said...

whats the verse part for this song?

Anonymous said...

Nice, what acoustic guitar you're using and do you use the mic to record? Just curious.. :P

Anonymous said...

You rock in acoustic!

Disciple008 said...

Ahmm...you've done well!!! continue doing that..Very impressive" ..thanks for the tabs^^ you all can call me paul!!!