Beautiful Saviour

Here's 'How Beautiful' by Planetshakers, on the acoustic. I think this post is interesting because of the varying bass notes for each chord, hope you like it. The singing is not fantastic, but after all this is a post about the guitar. Speaking of singing, I'm thinking of starting a section on vocals, anyone interested?

I know I've talked about putting up some keyboard scores on the blog ('guitarpraise' doesn't seem to suit it so well actually!), but I haven't had the time to dig up and arrange my scores... do hang on there..


By Daryl

Asus2 Asus2/G# F#madd4 F#madd4/E
Dsus2 Dsus2/C# Bm7add4 Dsus2/F# E/G#
An additional chord was played in between Dsus/C# & Bm7add4; ignore it.

Asus2 Asus2/G# F#madd4 F#madd4/E

Dsus2 Dsus2/C# Bm7add4 Dsus2/F# E/G#


andrew said...

You could just open up a new blogger with a different url....keypraise..haha

kenny said...

yeah thought about that.. but it'd be loads more difficult to maintain and access... maybe i could use just for the main page, and link everything back to guitarpraise... maybe people won't notice.. see how it goes..

Caleb said...

Yeah, I would definitely be interested in a vocals section.

Matthew said...

The vocal addition is a good idea and relatively easy for anyone to sit in front of a keyboard and figure out the vocal parts. I am definetly interested in being involved.

Another Kenny said...

yeah, i would like to help out with other parts of the site.

Anonymous said...

haha at this "The singing is not fantastic"

Anonymous said...

clo187 here
yes if you feel that god is calling you to start a vocal section you should and i will support & pray for for it

yours clo187

longge said...

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