Through it All (Acoustic)

Here's the acoustic intro to Hillsong's Through it All.





2nd time round, replace the last line with:


BaSS_LeViTE said...

Nice work. =) I like this acoustic intro.

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! I was actually trying to figure out how to play this intro and what happens next? You post how to play it...with tabs too!! God bless you brotha'

natalie said...

so what kind of guitar is this? it sounds great

natalie said...

if you can answer about the guitar, email to

but yeah the fingerpicking in this is pretty awesome, good work

kenny said...

Larrivee L-03R

jerson said...

tnx men.that is awesome.hey by the way i'm jm.god bless

jerson said...

one favor men can you publish here complete free chords?

denmar said...

...kenny can u tab the song.."deeply in love"..
..thanks and Godbless..
..i will check it out..

Javier Ferrer said...

Kenny U R the man