Here's Safe by Phil Wickham, for the acoustic. Alexander does a great job verbally explaining the chords one by one, good stuff!

By Alexander


Anonymous said...

What kind of acoustic are you playing? Is it a Larrivee? A D-03 or D-03R? I have played a D-03 in a Music store here in Nashville and i'm in the market for a new acoustic and i'm really considering buy it. Whats your take on it?

Alexander said...

Yeah, its a Larrivee D-03R-E.... Has an amazing sound, and has an equally amazing feel. Highly recomend it if you are looking for a smooth sound rather than something you would get with a Taylor or a Martin

James said...

Dude, this may be off topic... but it's so weird to see Phil's name around, my mom was his music teacher when he went to Maranatha in San Diego, CA! anyways, nice job bro!