Shape Up! C Major Chords (1)

Here's the continuation of the Shape Up! series on using more complex chord shapes for the acoustic. Do check out the G major series in the acoustic section as well.

As with before, I played the 'usual' chords first, followed by the new chords. This chord progression can be found in songs like 'Take All of Me' and 'I Give You My Heart'.

Cmaj9 G6 Dm7 Fadd2

You can also transpose Cmaj9, G6, and Fadd2 by shifting them around like you would do for barre chords or power chords.

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Anonymous said...

hey kenny. love what you're doing here. i've incorporated a lot of these chord shapes into my playing, but i can't seem figure any more out. whenever you get a chance could you do more chord shapes? maybe in E? that would be incredible!