Yours is the Kingdom (acoustic)

I've been toying around with my acoustic & capo recently, and came up with this. I think this variation is more suitable to be played in the background with the whole band:

I used Google video here because youtube is down at the moment, but will upload to youtube as well later.

Put a capo at the 2nd fret, the tabs are relative to the capo. Strum the E and B strings for everything (won't include the tabs for these two strings, which are '0' throughout).


Omit the 3rd chord on the 4th repeat.





Another Kenny said...

u have so many guitars!! haha its weird how im learning guitar from another guy with the same name as me. how nice? thanks kenny

kenny said...

I've 3 guitars actually.. two electric, and one acoustic.. not THAT many!

Anonymous said...

yo kenny
what strumming pattern are you using here?

kenny said...

I strummed together with the lead guitar's riff for the intro.

I'm not too sure how to write down the strumming for the rest, the best way to pick it up, IMO, is by listening to the video.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kenny,

You did this record with the guitar pickup or mic?

Anonymous said...

Hmm..nice tabs. Recently been toying around with 2 fingering chords and the intro tabs helps to open new ones..nice!

zing.. said...

is there a chord fingering that remains at the same few frets?

"" at 3:42 the chords he plays is aroudn the same few fret.. possible if you know what it is?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there is, I guess it has connection with CAGED fingering, u don't need to use full fingering for these chords & u can bring them all the way up the neck..u have to play& c it for urself though~

Dima said...

thanks a lot.that stuff helps fine

longge said...

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