Filled With Your Glory

Here's a song from Starfield, a pretty promising band. The riffs are fairly simple, and the music is pretty good, enjoy!


To enter into the verse:

These are variations of the chords Ab, Eb, Db, Bbm, Eb respectively.


jinsaotome said...

A few comments...

The octaves you've tabbed for the intro are an octave too low... also if you are playing the song in Ab, a nice thing to do (and is done sometimes by Starfield) is to Capo 4 and play the octaves but let the bottom E string "drone" with it (you will be droning an Ab) while you play the octaves higher up the fretboard (starting higher up the fretboard)...

Also the progression is not quite correct as the recording...

For the Chorus chords... a nice thing to add (and is done sometimes live by Starfield) is on are some hammer-ons, such as on the 8 9 11 Ab shape... first play 8 8 11 then hammer on to 8 9 11 a few times... adds to the fill especially with some delay going on....

Pop7 said...

this is an awesome tab...but what key is it in? I need it in G for youth group!

Johnny said...

thanks for the tabs!
could you tab Starfield - Revolution
and Shane and Shane - The Answer (for electric)

Anonymous said...

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Justin said...

If there's only one elec guitar you should just use distorted power chords for the chords in the bass notes for a fuller sound

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