Guitarpraise Forum

When this site started, it had few visitors, the song requests were manageable, and the tag-board sufficed. However, requests have been piling up, with the site traffic constantly rising, and I started a forum to better manage and organise song requests:

(click on the picture to enter the forum)

The forum is also useful because I, or any other visitor, can post brief tips and even tabs on the forum, and the requester would not need to wait for the video, which takes quite some time to create because the request queue is rather long (if I can figure out the guitar parts in the first place).

Therefore, put requests in the forum, instead of the tag-board, which would probably get flooded out within a few days.

There are also discussion boards for in-depth discussions about guitar gear, technique, and to just hang around and chat, so make full use of it!

Also, use the real-time chat to make friends, and discuss the posts, or anything under the sun, as you surf the site, as well as the tag-board on the right for brief feedback, comments, and questions.

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