I Will Go

Here's another song by Starfield.. Unfortunately, i played the first half of the verse wrongly... use the 2nd half instead.. sorry!

Use unison bends... see here for more on the technique..

Cooked this up on my own.... I used the middle pickup to have a cleaner, less aggressive sound.. For the first verse, skip the first 3 notes..

Repeat 3 times, then strum C#m B F#

This simple riff repeats throughout the chorus:
For the last round, just play the first 6 notes.

Patch 1C - Class A-30 + Classic Distortion on my Pod XTL.


Anonymous said...

WELL DONE! this tab is accurate and detailed. COuld you post the electric tabs for From The Corners Of the Earth by starfield in their latest album I Will GO?

Anonymous said...

this is great!!!!!!!!
ive been trying to find this for so long thank you so much
also i was wondering if you could
tab out my generation i cant find that either thnx

calvin said...

hey great tabs
but what are the chords that the rhythm guitar plays behind the intro?

Daniel said...

to play the rhythm part, play g#.