Friend of God (Bass)

By Bass Levite

This song is quite jazzy and has a lot of improvisations, which are based on arpeggios, scales and walking techniques. It's usually too troublesome to tab out every single improvisation for these types of songs. The video and tabs below are some of the better bits I picked out.

Melody at the beginning:

Play these chords softly at the beginning of the song high up the fretboard.
| E | E | C#m | C#m | F#m | F#m | E | E |

The video started late and did not pick up the first E note. Also, I have not included the fast E scaling stuff they did in between the chords E and C#m. That bit is actually done on the high C string on a 6 string bass!



I made up the following descending pentatonic scale and walk to give you an idea what you can improvise; not in the song.




The prechorus uses the extra B string on a 5 string bass. I have tabbed it at 1 octave higher than originally.


Prebridge instrumental:


Play the following chords. Start off high up the fretboard and gradually go down in octaves.
| A | A | G#m | G#m | F#m | F#m | A | A |

Last bridge:


Also check out the bass techniques and improvisation lessons I have posted to get an idea of some ways the reader can funk it up.


Anonymous said...

What key is this song played here on the video?

Anonymous said...

pls if you can put the video back.thanks.

Anonymous said...

thank you for putting the video back. God bless.

Ivan said...


Once I played this song in our praise and worship but I could not find the tab anywhere, so I just tried to get the tab by listening. But the tab you made is great!!...thanks...

I'll try ;)

longge said...

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Phil Bartlett said...

Nice job. Very helpful. I will be playing this , this Sunday. May I suggest next time, you have the volume on your bass a little louder. And, sometimes a "slowmo" on the more fancy parts would be helpful. Thanks, Phil