A Stompbox Sampler

By Gerald

Of the various forum topics, the gear forum appears to be the most popular, partly because there's lots of discussion on stompboxes. I don't know much about gear though, and the blog is somewhat lacking in this aspect. Fortunately, Gerald, who is quite active on the gear forum, and has put in much time and effort to carefully select & buy a number of pedals, has recorded a few clips for us to sample:

If you have questions for Gerald, you can leave a comment in this post, or better still, put up a topic in the forum. Also, click here to check out the video's pictures on the forum.

Pedals & Pickups used:
Salvation Is Here
Drive: Fulltone OCD
Bridge pickup

Mighty To Save
Drive: OM Labs Sahasrara OD + Rodenberg 909
Middle pickup

Living Sacrifice

Drive: RC Booster
Modulation: Electro-Harmonix Small Clone
Neck pickup

Drive: MI Audio Crunchbox
Bridge pickup

An Introduction
Drive: Z.Vex Fuzz Factory
Delay Setting: Dual Delay (Short- 100ms, Long- Tempo), 70% Mix, 35% Feedback
Bridge pickup

Break Free
Drive: Z.Vex Fuzz Factory
Bridge pickup

The songs were recorded on an American Strat, and connected to a computer via a Toneport, with the following settings:
AC30 top boost amp model, 2x12 ac30 cab, sm57 mic model. on axis, 0 distance from the cab.


If you wish to do something similar, upload your files or video to an online file-sharing service such as yousendit.com, and pm me in the forum, or leave me a message in the tagboard/meebo.


Anonymous said...

plz tune your guitar ~!

gerald said...
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gerald said...

hi anonymous.

my guitar was perfectly in tone i can assure you. i played a couple of wrong notes and chords here or there. most notably in an introduction and break free.


Anonymous said...

hey i kinda agree with annoynomous it is pretty out of tune for salvation is here.. but again.. very nice stompbox video

Royce said...

hey.. just noticed this video.. did you post this after the "guitar workshop"?

Paul said...

it makes me sad that your guitar isn't in "tone". it makes me sadder that you can't tell.

nice pedals, tho.

bc1891 said...

dude i have perfect pitch and you are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out of tune.