Till I See You (with phaser)

Phasers can sound really neat; the trick is to make it sound a little more like a 'wah sweep' rather than sound effects from a star wars installment. Try plucking as well, sounds pretty good.

In the video, I used a phaser with a full note delay (looks like this: o), feedback = 76%, mix = 57% (could be more). Strum evenly too (if you listen carefully, there were ups and downs in my strumming, my bad). Lastly, put your pickups to the middle position.



Anonymous said...

wow awesome and u only do this with the pod ?

Stephan said...

I actually use this exact technique quite a bit myself... A slow phase can just fill up the spaces a bit more in my opinion. That along with a nice clean and a long delay can make for some pretty smooth clean volume swells as well

kenny said...

yep just a pod

Anonymous said...

hey kenny, i just bought a vamp which has presets and all that jazz, for the phases it says that you only put on feedback and mix, for mine it says speed, depth, feedback, and mix. do i fill in the other ones with something? and what is a full note delay?

kenny said...

yep different effects have different parameters you can adjust.. best is to use your ears and tweak what sounds good to yourself..

full note delay = 4 count delay..

Anonymous said...

do they use this effect for mighty to save?

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