Volume Swells (with Tear Down the Walls intro)

The intro of Tear Down the Walls uses lots of volume swells which add to to the meditative mood. Here's a vid on it, instructions written in the video itself.

From Jonathan


In a live setting:


GabonMx said...

Publish the patch for XT Live or give me the settings of delay, amps, etc. Thanks in advanced bro.

jonathan ho said...

rinse and repeat!
haha good job thanks that was very helpful =)

i kinda prefer using the volume knob cos you swell into the distortion, increasing the amount of gain of the dist as you swell up, making an edgier sound as it gets louder

coolios =)

Ramon Rivera said...

What delay settings are you using?

Jam said...

yeah could you give us the delay settings?

Wan said...

Kenny, during the video did you keep the notes in that same order...is it just repeating this sequence on the B-string over and over again?
It sounds different in the video.

Michael said...

I'm not sure but I think he uses an Ebow for the intro part. It sounds great this way too, though.

blain ER said...

what gadget are u using ^_^

Anonymous said...

for anyone using a POD XT Live these are the settings i prefer

Amp - Spinal Puppet
Stomp - Auto Swell (everything 100%)
Mod - (optional) Sine Chorus 3.70Hz, depth - 30%, mix 45%
Delay - multihead, half note, feedback 80%, mix 80%

hope this helps. the auto swell avoids you from having to mess with the volume knob.

chad said...

oh my goodness, those pod settings for a swell patch are amazing!
thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

you're very welcome. hope it helps

Scott Holder said...

What if you are using single petals? I always hear guitarists doing these swells and making them sound so good, but I cant figure it out.

Hoep said...

Volume swells sound great with a delay. I normally use my clean tone with an Analog delay set to your taste. Use the delay repeats & the mix level to 'bloom' the sound as you bring the volume up. I also use a second delay to add more ambiance depending on the song.