Modulation Effects: Flanger

Modulation effects can add lots of colour to your tone, making your guitar become a little more like a synthesizer. Popular modulation effects include the flanger, phraser, chorus, tremolo, & the rotary drum, and i hope to suggest ways to use these effects over this week, starting with the flanger.

The flanger sounds like an airplane taking off & landing, and is created by playing two identical sounds together, but with one sound delayed by a certain and varying amount. I often use this effect for bridges, to create some 'suspense' in the music. Listen to see what I mean (just audio):

To recreate the sound, I've set my (Expo Flange) effect to:
Speed = whole note Depth = 47% Mix = 40% Feedbk = 63% Predelay = 0%. Use a tap tempo to synchronize the rising and falling sound to the music's tempo.

The first song is Shout of the King (Hillsong). Here, I've strummed each chord once, and let the flanger move up and down on its own. In the 2nd song, One Way (Hillsong), I did palm mutes - the flange stops when the chord is cut off, and carries on when you play again, an effect i quite like. Lastly, the effect is used with single notes in the 3rd song, Lord of All (Hillsong London). The effect is there, but is not as clear.

Rememer, the idea is not to use these effects for the sake of using time (especially if you forked out $200 for a pedal), but to use them tastefully.


Joe said...

Great post Kenny! A good way to throw in some "color" into the music! Could you do some more posts with other effects like delay or tremolo as well?

kenny said...

Yep, this is the first in a series... will probably do one on tremolo next..

Anonymous said...

This stuff is awesome.

Thanks for taking the time to share Kenny!