Keyboard Scores

I've finally found the time to sort out and edit the keyboard scores that I've written for my church's keyboardists.

Frankly, it isn't much, but I'll add to them as and when I write new keyboard scores. Also, they aren't professionally done, and are quite sketchy, but nevertheless still usable.

If anyone has any to contribute pls drop me a msg on meebo or pm me in the forum with your email address.

I've saved the scores in pdf format, and uploaded them at The site can be somewhat messy, and you can access them from this blog instead by clicking on the 'other articles' link.

Let's hope more scores come in!

To save you the trouble, here are the links to the scores that I've put up so far (should lead to a pdf file):

Hillsong, United, & Hillsong London
All for Love
Awesome in This Place
Can't Stop Talking
From the Inside Out
God is Great
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
I Feel Like I'm Falling
Kingdom Come
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Lord of All

Israel Houghton
You Are Good

Paradise Live

Philip, Craig, & Dean
Pour My Love On You

Majesty (Rising)

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