Chords on the 2-4th Strings (with Emmanuel)

This post is a continuation from the series on chords on the 1st three strings, under electric --> theory & techniques. Here, we proceed to form chords using the next three strings - the b, g, d strings.

The chords in the video are C, D (x4) (taken from my composition, Emmanuel), and both the C and D chords use the same fingering, just that the D chord is played two frets higher. Here are the tabs for the C chords:


The 1st three chords are played with the 2nd inversion, root position, and 1st inversion respectively. Notice also that the fingerings on the b and g strings are the same as that for the fingerings for the chords formed using the 1st three strings.. compare the last two chords for example.

The above chords are major chords; to form minor chords you have to shift one note back a fret for each:
Note that the 2nd chord shape can be used in the first two chords of the intro of United's Hosanna, by playing C#m, and then G#m. The 2nd major chord shape is then played at A, and then B. Give it a try as an exercise.


dahn said...

hey kenny, what xtl patch did you use for that sound?

Anonymous said...

thats awesome man!
it makes sence now for me :D
thanks dude!