Emmanuel (a composition)

Spent most of the day at work on this song, there's lyrics too... enjoy!

Thanks to Samuel for helping out with the vocals.

Instrumental Version

The lyrics are taken from Revelation 21 and 22, which talks about God coming back to be with us. While 'Emmanuel' (God with us) is usually taken to refer to the birth of Christ, or that God is constantly in our hearts, 'Emmanuel' in this song talks about the 2nd coming of Christ.

Behold the city of God
Where the light never fades,
The light never fades.

Behold the trees of Life,
Where the nations will heal,
The nations will heal.

You’re the First,
The Last, Beginning and End.
You’re the Bright Morning Star.

Your name,
Will be written on our heads.
You will wipe every tear

Chords: G D Em C (x4)

Earth & sky flees before you.
Nations kneel, bow, before you.

Chords: C D C D

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Lord You are, close to us.
Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Lord You make, all things new.

Chords: G D Em C (x2)

C D C D (x2)

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Anonymous said...


Awsome job.

Sounds great.

Luv your work.


Milly said...

Great song!

Maybe if you posted the chords a lot of us could sing it at our churches...


kenny said...

Alright.. chords are up.. If anyone does this song in church do drop me a message, interested to know how it went!

Psycr0tic said...

How did you do the drums? It doesn't sound like an real drummer. Although it sounds very good. I would like to make some variations on the drumming parts. If it's ok with you. Can you send me the guitar only? Ty.


Santosh said...

Great song Kenny.

toonzz said...

I like the message as well as the musical arrangement. Do you publish your own stuff?