Galloping Delay

Just some ideas on using the galloping delay effect, I did this in a hurry though, as its getting late. You can get the effect by i) running two delays on two chains, one using a dotted 8th note and another a quarter note delay; ii) or approximate it using stereo delay (use dotted 8th note). My settings for (i) are below.

In the video below, i first tried getting a percussive effect for the delay. It may stand out too much, and what I did below was kinda overkill, so use it sparingly. I also tried plucking notes in the higher register. With each note repeated several times it can get quite messy, so don't play too many notes.

Mute the lower notes:

For the second part, pluck these chords:


Rick said...

Very cool effect. I've been doing it old school for a few months now...using a DD5 on dotted 8th, into a DD7 on the vintage analog setting. I split a FS-5U into both for tap tempo. The analog delay gives it a nice warm tone. Occasionally I'll try setting the DD5 to the triplet setting for certain songs ala Nigel, but I'm still getting the hang of this. It doesn't yet sound right, as it needs the right application (playing in triplets?). I've been debating whether to replace my rig with something like a POD. It would sure end up being cheaper in the long run...

someone said...

Hi, is that image a guitar effects program or did you just make it to show your presets? if you can, please reply. -Thanks

Capas UMC carlie said...

Hi kenny., i am an avid fan of yours, can u help me t0 imititate d s0und u made, i am using a zoom g1x, pLz d0 help,
g0d blez u always.,
u help a lot to us christians

djhansen2 said...

How are you getting the dual dual delay in your example? It looks like the line 6 gearbox app (I'm using a pod xt live) but I don't know how to get dual delays like you show in the pic? any help would be appreciated!

yohanzo said...

I'm using POD XT Live too... can't do it. POD X3 Live and the new HD300/400/500 can do it tho. :)

jeffreyd015 said...

Can i use this in zoom g1xn?

Unknown said...

Yes, you can. Do a google for zoomlib and double tap, and you should find something that will help you.