Playing in Thirds (with Hosanna)

Here's a simple post using notes spaced a third apart, with Hosanna as an example. The third note (middle note of the chord) is played together with the root note of a chord. Adding a tremolo effect makes it sound a little more like an organ.

Thirds using the E and G strings:
For minor chords, use the same fret on both strings, with the root note in the E string. Do the same for chords with the 3rd note in the bass (E/G# in this example). For major chords, play a fret higher for the D string.

E/G# A B C#m E

The chords for this section are
E/G# A B C#m A E B.

Thirds with the A and B strings (same applies for the D and E strings):
The same spacing as the above applies, but push the numbers on the B string up by one.

E/G# A B C#m E


Anonymous said...

Excellent work.

Sounds similar to the intro to in your Freedom from the new album. ;)

Anonymous said...

hey kenny, nice work.

just a question, do u think u could post the tabs for the lead guitar for this? it sounds really great and, if u knew me, im not one to be able to play by ear :) thanks

Anonymous said...

yea. the solo part would be awsome...

Will said...
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Will said...

Playing by ear is invaluable is notation :]

Here's the solo (done by ear and previous knowledge of E major scales) and I know Kenny would want you guys to figure it out on your own but it's good practice for someone willing to try.

I don't normally ever tab anything out so forgive me if it isn't that readable:

E -7-7--7s9--4-----4-4---7-7-5-5-
B --------------7-----------------

E 4-4-------
B -----7p5h7

E -----------------12-14-14b16-16r14
B 12-12-12s14--14---------------

E 12---16-17-16-14-12-14b16-14-12
B -------------------------------

Wow that took longer than I thought...tabs are tedious :0 - Now I see how hard Kenny and the other tabbers work...

Hopefully, it's correct :]

Jam said...

yea tabs (for me at least) take forever!

longge said...

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