All Day (bass)

By Temo Morales

At the very beginning if you listen closely to the bassline, he skips a note! So listen to the CD at the very beginning and your will hear it.

1st is with a 5 string bass
2nd with the regular bass line
3rd with a slide.

How I play it with a 5 string bass (1st on video)

1st with missing note.
G | ------------------------------------
D | ---------------6--------------------
A | ---------7-7----7-------6-7---------
E |-4-4---7------------7-7----------7-6-
B |----------------------------- -7-7---

Complete bassline
G | -------------------------------------
D | ----------------6--------------------
A | ----------7-7----7-------6-7---------
E |-4-4--6-7------------7-7----------7-6-
B |-------------------------------7-7----

Regular bassline with 4 string bass:

1st with the missing note

G |-------------1----------------------
D | -------2-2---2-------1-2-----------
A | -----2-----------2-2-----------2-1-
E |-4-4------------------------2-2-----

Then the bass plays the whole bassline:
G |--------------1---------------------
D | --------2-2---2-------1-2----------
A | ---1-2-----------2-2-----------2-1-
E |-4-4------------------------2-2-----

Now with a slide to add something different
G |------------------------------------------
D | ---------------6-----------1-2-----------
A | -----1-2s7-7---7---2-2--------------2-1--
E |-4-4-------------------------------2-2----


Anonymous said...

Here's the same bass line for 5-stringers, this time in the 9th position. It's easier on the hands:


BLaSiAN said...
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Dan_BC said...

Thanks for the tabs!(even though we're not play this at our church ... yet) Great Job!

Disciple008 said...

Heyy!!! thanks for the tab... i'm i hope you can also share the tabs for the song my future decided,,,i really like that song!!!" thanks and GOD BLESS TO all