Mobile Phone Guitar Software

(this is not a sponsored recommondation!)

My friend's mobile phone came with some pretty cool guitar software - a pitch pipe, a chord dictionary, and a metronome - and I wondered if any of these could be downloaded free online. After searching and trying out various programs, I found that this was the best - it had all three functions within a single program, not bad at all!

Check it out at:

Here's a screenshot, see the website for more:


Anonymous said...

it seems dat i cant use this programme. I dunno wat reason but i am using a SE 750i phone and i cant get it to install inside. a little help please?

kenny said...

yeah seems like it doesn't support all phone models.. maybe some of us should bug them for another version for these phone models.

AufGehts said...


Which phone was it that came with the programs? Do you remember? I'd like to scope it out...I wonder if it can be shared by bluetooth?


Anonymous said...

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