Solid Rock

Here's Solid Rock by Delirious. The initial part is meant to be played by an acoustic, and there are two notes which have funny pitches - the first sounds in between an A and an A#, and the second between a G and a G#. I suspect that some bending is involved. The video starts of by playing the acoustic part, as per cd, first, for you to get a feel of it before I enter and ruin it.

Acoustic part

"5b5.5" means you bend till the note sounds something higher than the note on the 5th fret, but lower than the 6th fret - somewhere in between.

Electric Part
-9--4--2--2--- (x1 for intro,
-------------- x2 for verse)

Note: these notes can be used as 'stripped down' chords for lead parts. The first is an Em or C, the 2nd is a Bm or G, the 3rd is a F#m or A, and the last an Am or F.

The last round, before the chorus:

Note: as with before, the first chord is an Em or C, followed by a F#m or D, the third an Em or G, and lastly an F#m or A. More on these intervals in another post.


Anonymous said...

nah man you got the initial part but what they do is that they play chords em-bm-a-am

then on the way to the chorus em-d-a-g

the actually chorus is

Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe it is A not Esus.


Anonymous said...

well it's really up to you but in reality with the bass note of E i would have to say that the chord that you are playing is A5 but i think that if you want to place the to Finger on the D string 2 frets up to create a Esus4
if you have anymore questions just type another message into this blog and i will reply

for clo187269

Luyen said...

i have a question, do you play, "investigate" by delirious??

Micah said...
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Micah said...

Thank You
this is my favorite song