Software to change a song's pitch, tempo, & remove the vocals

Here's a great tool I've recently started using. I previously used audacity to make minor edits to worship songs for home practice (e.g. for key changes), but its rather troublesome to import files into the program. However, I stumbled across 'Karafun' while searching for alternative software, and its been really useful as it allows you to very quickly
  1. Change the pitch of a song: to practice in a different key.
  2. Adjust the song's tempo: helps to slow the song down to figure out fast notes.
  3. Remove vocals: to catch the instruments.
Although the software is primarily for karaoke, it works just as well for rehearsing at home. Best of all, its freeware, and the program loads quickly. Download it here.

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Btw, this isn't a paid ad or anything; this site is not run for money! I recommend stuff because I sincerely think it'd help, especially if its free stuff on the web.


Maury said...

Also check out Amazing Slow Downer:

I've been using the Mac version for years, and works like a charm.

pohwei said...

Kenny, are there any metronome softwares that you recommend? I know there are lots of free metronome/drum machine software in the net but none of them are really as good as the shareware programs.

Are there any softwares that have features like Desktop Metronome (tap tempo, auto, tuplet, meter, etc) but free?

kenny said...

plenty of those out there.. just google for a 'free metronome'.

Richmond said...

how to import songs in the karafun

Khei said...

hello..can Karafun save the songs that you've edited into the computer?? if

Jessica said...

I was just wondering if there was a Mac version of this program, I tried the slow downer but it doesn't work properly so any other free program out there.... please help

caliFRAGi said...

I use "Pacemaker" plugins for Winamp. Works like Karafun. here's the link: