Always & Forever (remix) + Strumming Exercise

Here's a remix of Always & Forever, based on a post I did before. You might notice that its quite a rip-off from another secular song, I'll leave it to you to guess which one it is. Generally, the song sounds more cleaned up.

You might want to try out the rhythm part for the intro, verse, and chorus as an exercise, the chords are C G Am F (x2) for the intro & verse, and C G Am F C Bb C/E F-G for the chorus.

The thing about this is that you have to follow closely to what the drums are playing - do palm mutes on the bottom string of the power chord when the bass drum is hit, and do the unmuted power chord when the drum hits the snare. The drums sound something like this (dum = bass, da = snare):
dum dum da, dum dum da da, dum dum da, dum da da da


David said...

muse is a good band

Aaron said...

sounds like kelly clarkson..

dmax said...

Starlight- Muse ... nice :)