Your Love Never Fails

By Matt

Here's Your Love Never Fails by Jesus Culture

The intro uses a crunch drive from one electric, and another small part that comes in after one time with the chord progression.

Guitar 1: part 1 intro

Part 2
Change to the bridge progression

Rhythm parts
1st part - Gm, Eb, Bb, F
2nd part - Eb, Gm, F

Gm, Eb, Bb, F

Eb, Bb, F, Cm

Turn-around/ Bridge:
Eb, Gm, F


Derek Du said...
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HSK11 said...

Good job but I remember seeing that the lead and the rhythm guitarist were in third capo.

Anonymous said...

your welcome. i didn't use a capo for the sake of simplicity. i wanted to make it usable to anyone without a capo. i use one when i play it live too.

HSK11 said...

I understand. There are some guitarists who don't ever use a capo. Anyways, you did a really good job.

Chad said...

For the intro, it's MUCH easier to play it the way he does live, so you're not having to go all the way up and down the neck, plus it sounds smoother so you can hold the notes.


If this tab doesn't come through, here's the tab I made for Ultimate Guitar.

mike fox said...

cool, thanks for sharing more stuff to work on! keep it up man

Anonymous said...

Chad- yeah i do it like that smoetimes. but when i play through the sound system in youth (which is huge in a 1400 seat sanctuary) it sounds better to have the slides on most of the notes. my amp adds sistortion to the sound that isn't present when i play on wed nights. thanks though. good to have multiple tabs for a song. it gives some variety

Anonymous said...

for those who want the rhythm part with a capo the chords are

Intro/verse - Em7, C2, G, D2
Chorus - C2, G, D2, Am
Bridge/turnaround/second part of intro - C2, Em7, D2

Anonymous said...

great song, thanks!
What amp do you use?

Anonymous said...

my amplifier is a Line 6 spider 15 watt on clean. the amp setting i am using is the L6 boutique on the POD xtlive. i usually play through the sound system at church so i don't see the need to get a better amplifier. lol

Benjamin said...


Nice job m8.

cecillia said...

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