How Great is Our God

How Great is Our God is a really catchy song, and its easy to play - the chords C, Am, F, & G repeat over and over throughout the song. One problem is that it can get repetitive, however, and so it helps to change the notes you use for each chord, rather than sticking to open or barre chords.

The following example begins the chorus using power chords, and uses a different fingering for the same chords in the bridge to bring the bridge to a climax:


Here are the chords + tabs:

Use power chords here:
How great is our God, sing with me,
How great is our God, all will see,
How great, how
great is our God.

Use the following chords for the bridge:
. C . . .Am7 . .F. . G.

Name above all names,
Worthy of all praise,
heart will sing How
great is our God


*antsche* said...

HOW are you doing that dude???from 8th to 13th...i'm just about to break my fingers...

kenny goh said...

Its all about practicing... but if its really too tough you can leave out the 8th, and fret three strings only.

Anonymous said...

what if the song is in the key of A?

kenny said...

You have to bring it lower by 3 frets.. the first chord would be quite hard to play here, so you can omit the bass note.

Ben said...

Hey Kenny,
Playing some Variations of the D chord works well to build this song. As it's only 4 chords too it's even easier to do it. For this version start with the D chord shape on the 12th fret, then move to a Dm position with the bass note on the 9th fret on the G string, then back to the D position, move to 5 fret, then up to 7th, then just repeat. I think that works anyway :)

Graciel said...

sounds okay except for the Am7 doesnt seem to sit right over the Am idk thats just what i hear. i use an inverted Am with the c on the bass over the Am it sounds better to me maybe you try it

john said...

hello the video of this song is not shown any help ?!

thx alot..

sebastian said...

hey dude God bless u. first the video is not showing?... =[

and wat key is this song in =D

Whatever everlaar said...

Need help .... the video of the song is not showing

Woi said...

If it is the key of A

Use the following chords for the bridge:
. C . . .Am7 . .F. . G.

Judah said...