Like a Lion

[Kenny: Tabs are in the video, get it to full-screen for a better view]

By Robert


Nova X said...

Great playing there! Yamaha provides info on new artists with this same type of flavor and stuff. You should check there Facebook page out!

Make sure to "Like" it! haha.

It is updated on a regular basis with new product and artist information!

Dustin said...

how do you get your delay to sound like that? I've been trying for an hour and i can't get that part in the verse to sound right.

Hope_Rises777 said...
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Hope_Rises777 said...

Hello, Can you please post the chords or send me the chords of the Whole song in this key, i can't find any of the right ones on the net... thanx:)

Robert said...
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Robert said...

The chords (with the capo on) are
Em D/F# G for the intro
Em D/F# G Am G/B C in the verse
and D Em for the prechorus and chorus

starall said...

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