Our God

Here's Our God by Chris Tomlin

By Matt

For the intro use a 50% mix digital or analog delay on the dotted 8th note setting (which i use for the entire song)


The second part (which is also the solo) //:

Now for the turn-around -while the rest of the instruments play rhythm and change chords the electric guitar plays a high B like this:


Anonymous said...

you may have to copy and paste the tabs to a word document in order to read them.

Ramon Rivera said...

OF course this is coming from the guy who doesnt have the time to tab it out or make a video but...

Get rid of that dotted eight delay and use a plain ol' quarter note delay with some modulation.

Also, the verse doesnt just just run through that intro/chorus riff. Its got its own little riff. If I can remember correctly its...

b|---12--12--12--12--- etc

And for the "bridge" where it attacks those chords...get rid of delay all together so its a solid "punch".

But thanks for the video.At least you took the time to tab it out an make one.

Anonymous said...

thanks for adding.
the only reason that i use a dotted 8th is because coming out of the house system at my church (1500 seat sanctuary) it has a better sound than that of the quarter note (i have tried both) and i dont usually use the delay for the turnaround, my POD was just messing up when i recorded this and my rhythm setting didn't sound right (it was feeding back ALOT)

TonyMac said...

Daniel Carson, Chris Tomlin's lead guitarist, instructional video for "Our God" is available for viewing at no charge.

Click on the photo of the guy with the Telecaster. The video is free, but does not appear on the list of free videos.


He uses a capo which makes playing the chords easier.


Anonymous said...

yeah. i saw that video a while ago. thats how i have played the song for the past few months (this video was recorded in september of 2010) but i dont use the capo. lol

fullofbullshit said...

hi matt! i'm not sure if anybody else has ask you yet but can i ask what guitar were you using for this video? and your usual set up?

thanks alot mate! its been a blessing to learn from you!

Anonymous said...

oh dear, terrible username i left behind up there. sorry! ):


Anonymous said...

my guitar is a Epiphone Les paul custom silverburst. I am runnigh through a POD xt live and out to my amp (which is a clean setting). if you want details on the settings i use for the POD i have 2 of them explained in videos on my youtube page, and I will probably be making more soon.

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