You Won't Relent

By Matt

Here's You Wont Relent by Jesus Culture from the album Your Love Never Fails

The hook of this song is the intro. use a 50% mix digital or analog delay with low distortion. The intro is played basically by forming the chords and picking through them in pattern.

C#m A
E F#m

The solo is just something I do to give a break in the song because of how repetitive it can be in a live setting.It is played with these notes and should be pretty easy to figure out or make your own up. I improvised it in the video so i dont think i could tab it out accurately. However, if you really want it, I think i could throw something together, just message me.

Solo notes


Krishin said...

Thanks for the Tab! this is a really awesome song , realy powerful worship , but you are right about it being repetitive. I'll try the solo out this week at church!

Anonymous said...

also when playing the rhythm i use a different form of the A chord. its the equivalent of sliding down to the 12th fret but it is played just below the E like this


arron said...

where did you get that shirt? i wantt that shirt!

Anonymous said...

I bought it at a Hillsong Live concert/worship night. it was like $25 but i wanted it so bad. haha

Stephen said...

I think for the intro you start with the C#m shape but then end up with a C#m7 right before you switch to the A/A2. By that I mean you play exactly as shown on the tab except the G-string is at the 4th fret the second time you play a note there. It's a slight change, but whatever.
The only other thing is when you play the Esus2sus4, the last chord of the progression, with the F#m feel to it, the first two notes are the F# at the 2nd fret on the low E-string and then its octave at the 4th fret of the D-string, instead of an E on the 2nd fret, D-string.
I hope that all makes sense.
You did a great tab! Those are just little things that I think make it sound ever so slightly better. If you want them, take them. If not, your tab is great as it stands.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

thanks man. I actually play this song different nearly everytime we do it in youth (aka it never sounds the same 2 times in a row) so I will try what you said.

cecillia said...

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