Made to Worship (intro)

Here's Made to Worship by Chris Tomlin. The introduction makes for a really great string skipping exercise. Add some delay to let your notes ring out longer as well. Also note that this version is different from the one i posted in the forum.




Anonymous said...

awe!!! poor video!!!

Tim said...

Hey, nice tab.
I just realized that in your vid, you play a 13 instead of a 15. Not a major thing because when you play it, you definitely realize that it doesn't fit in. But just pointing it out. Love your work :D

Anonymous said...

nice...but the 15 supose to be 13 right???....but it really help me alot...^^...thanks for posting this...^^...God Bless!...^^...

scottaudio said...

This is an amazing lick! But I think we would all like some clarification on the 15 or the 13 thing, obviously everyone is confused and even watching this lick slowly is still hard to pick up on. Please clarify and post in slow mo.
Thanks. :)

Top Boost said...

Thanks a lot for the video and the tab. The video is perfect, but I don't think the tab is completely reflecting what's played in the video. I think the second half of the intro tab has an extra "12" on the 4th string (either the second 12 or the third, take your pick) and the final part is the 13th fret on the 5th string, not the 15th fret. Thanks again!